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Start Feb 22, 2023
$ 85.00

Domestic Violence: When Women vs Men are Perpetrators

In addition to the variety of behaviors defined as domestic abuse, domestic violence, and IPV, the focus will be on how to assist individuals in internalizing these definitions and setting boundaries in relationships. In addition to variations based on the gender spectrum identification of the perpetrator and individual, other particular population affiliations will be explored regarding the prevalence of domestic abuse. These include age, race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, and culture such as adolescents. military, regional, etc.

Start Mar 29, 2023
$ 85.00

Psychology of Suicide

This training will review the etiology and symptoms of self-harmful and suicidal impulses and their impact on the client's thinking, emotions, and behaviors.

Start Apr 26, 2023
$ 85.00

All Addictions are Compulsions but not all Compulsions are Addictions

This will cover diagnostic criteria, complications and challenges within the diagnostic category, current treatments to include current medications, and issues related to gender, culture, etc. as they relate to the diagnosis and treatment. 

Start May 31, 2023
$ 85.00

Overview of Cluster A, Cluster B, and Cluster C Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders as developmental disorders often have a slow and steady onset beginning in childhood rather than an acute presentation. 

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